501(c)3 non profit corporation We are a mentoring program for children of incarcerated and deported parents. We use basketball as way to start the process.
Weekly basketball training 
​Whether your child has been playing for years or is just now trying out basketball, our Weekly Basketball Academy has a group level to fit his or her skill level / experience. (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). Get great bonuses on the site with book of ra deluxe. Limited offer.  
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Crossover Sports is a newly formed 501(c)3 non-profit organization,  we volunteer our affords and accept charitable contributions. That is how you can help us take it a step further. Let us help your child and I turn we will help a child from a less fortunate situation. 

For every 2 members that join we sponsor a child for a membership

Our give back program seeks to help disadvantaged, shelter, bullied, children of incarcerated parents ages 6-18 to improve their basketball skills, life skills, make friends and gain a mentor. The way we do this is with every 2 players that become paid in full members  we sponsor a child in needs membership.

 We have a long term goal to provide yearly scholarship to child from those same unfortate backgrounds. We use all of our resources to help all children find their path in life or simple make a donation
The Mission
Become a coach
We have taken on the motto of “Reach one Teach one”. You can help us with our mission as we help your child improve their skills.  All they have to do is want to get better and we will do the rest. Click here to register and check out our upcoming clinics. 
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Crossover Sports Basketball
Development  Pathway

Crossover Sports Basketball Development Pathway describes the road that we take in experiencing the game. The experiences that makes up the pathway is designed to promote “Basketball for Life”, which encourages everyone to continue on in the sport.

Positive basketball experiences ensure that those who enjoy the game will continue to take part as players, and will also stay involved in the sport as coaches, trainers, administrators, fans, officials and referees.
  1. START
    Everyone starts the game in a different fashion. Some of us are first introduced to basketball in school, while some of us start as toddlers with a toy hoop in our home. In either case, this introduction sparks our interest in the sport.
    With initial interest comes exploration. Often, we are entered into our local basketball league or registered for instructional lessons as children. Also, we begin to play the sport with friends in our neighborhood or in pick-up games at school. Exploring opportunities to play basketball are vital to our continued interest.
  3. LEARN
    During the exploration phase and beyond, we learn a basic understanding of how to play. Basketball is often learned from parents or guardians, local coaches, and from those that we play with and against. Many players develop skills by emulating their peers or the athletes they watch at higher levels of play.
  4. Youth Develpment
    Introductory level Foundational level Advanced level (private sessions) Proformance level(private sessions)
    The next stage is participation, where players take part in the sport at all levels. This includes continued structured play on local recreation teams, travel teams, club programs and school teams. Participation also includes non-structured play without coaching, such as pick-up games, playing in the driveway, or perhaps at an outdoor court.
  1. Youth Basketball Developement
    Youth Basketball Developement
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  2. USA Youth Development
    USA Youth Development
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  3. Youth Basketball Training
    Youth Basketball Training
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  4. Kids having fun
    Kids having fun
Kids like playing
What separates us from other youth sports organizations?
Crossover Sports focuses on providing a fun, constructive environment for all skill levels and ages. We will prepare your player for upcoming summer & winter leagues. We offer academy training and clinics to help young players improve their skills and overall understanding of the game at their own pace. With a continuously growing membership and increased community support, Crossover Sports will be the top choice for most New Jersey/New York parents and kids!
  1. Introductory Dribbling 1
    First day of Training
  2. Introductory Dribbling 2
    Players will be able to do this drill after 4 sessions

Basketball Clinic

Youth basketball skills development program