501(c)3 non profit corporation We are a mentoring program for children of incarcerated and deported parents. We use basketball as way to start the process.


?Who are we and what do we do
We incorporate the USA Basketball’s Development Pathway because it is a road map to enjoying the sport forever. Great experiences along the path will ensure growth of the individual, growth of the game, and the future of the sport.
Crossover Sports is a  nonprofit youth sports organization, with a pending 501c3 application.  Founded in 2014 with just a few kids, Crossover Sports provides a safe and fun experience for all players  in our youth basketball program. Combining first-class training, Clinics and camps.  Crossover Sports offers everything your child needs to become a better basketball player, and most important of all, they have fun!

Crossover Sports prides itself on providing the most enjoyable experience possible for its players. Beginning as early as 6 years old, players are able to start learning the game of basketball from an early age. Crossover Sport’s constructive playing environment at all age levels fosters substantial growth, as both players and individuals. As a nonprofit organization, Crossover Sport’s primary focus is improving each child’s overall experience, as we  continuing to  grow and add a wide range of services to support our children growth.

The specific purpose of Crossover Sports is to educate the general public’s youth about all aspects of basketball, promoting the life lessons that basketball generates, as well as promoting good health and high activity levels to all participants. Crossover
Sports is able to perform these services through its daily clinics,
camps, and team or individual workouts.

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Crossover Sports is a newly formed 501(c)3 non-profit organization,  we volunteer our affords and accept charitable contributions. That is how you can help us take it a step further. Let us help your child and I turn we will help a child from a less fortunate situation. 

For every 2 members that join we sponsor a child for a membership

Our give back program seeks to help disadvantaged, shelter, bullied, children of incarcerated parents ages 6-18 to improve their basketball skills, life skills, make friends and gain a mentor. The way we do this is with every 2 players that become paid in full members  we sponsor a child in needs membership.

 We have a long term goal to provide yearly scholarship to child from those same unfortate backgrounds. We use all of our resources to help all children find their path in life or simple make a donation
The Mission
Become a coach
We have taken on the motto of "Reach one Teach one". You can help us with our mission as we help your child improve their skills.  All they have to do is want to get better and we will do the rest. Click here to register and check out our upcoming clinics. 
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Youth basketball skills development program